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Being a Salesman then cafe and restaurant owner then a salesman again in finance and insurance. In each and every failure he told I learned something new from mistakes. In each profession and business he always followed social media marketing and due to his interest and in built marketing skill one of his restaurant was the most hot brand of the city but due to lack of focus on accounts, blind trust and only focusing toward growth he lost his business. During this journey he found his interest in “Digital Marketing”

“I started learning more about Digital Marketing from some free courses and then followed many mentors in field and finally search for the true mentor ended with Digital Deepaks platform and his methodologies”. His journey started with 1st income of Rs.5000/ month and then it started showing compounding effects. No doubt struggle was long Virendra Vyas is the person who failed many time in his life but yes he proved, if you keep learning and implementing one day success will be yours. He says “It’s ok if you feel you are still struggling but what I recommend during this struggle phase you should keep learning new skills and implementing the same, in what I really believe in is Try, Try until you succeed and world is beautiful and have trillions of opportunity for those who are learner, implementer and  opportunist”. Currently he is working as founder of the most successful agency in field of digital marketing and also have a successful affiliate blog of in Digital Marketing tools niche

He Added “I really love to spread awareness about what exactly I am doing, how I am doing and how I can help you in being a successful digital marketer, My mission is to help 10,000 digital marketing learner to  become a true & successful digital marketer by end of year 2023 through my own blog and learning management system”.

Whatever skills he learned from his Mentor Deepak Kanakraju through his courses and Internship program he implemented it well and learned more through his experiences and now he is following his Mentor’s Path.

Virendra is also working on his own book which will complete by the year end, it is on entrepreneurship and how he built his empire from Controlled Investment and fixed costs. In this book he also mentioned his own strategies what exactly he do and from where he get his clients how he build such goodwill what exactly he pitch to his clients and after closing the deal how exactly he implement marketing for their business and How his team is helping business to look branded and in getting leads. 

It was pleasure meeting him and we really feel proud of seeing his commitment towards teaching youngsters through his own practical experiences with this he also mention he still spent one hour daily in learning and sharpening his skills he recommended to build a reading habit and don’t ever quit workout and meditation session.

“To achieve something in life your goal should always be S.M.A.R.T (Sensible, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound)”

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