To Market or To Sell?

(This Question I face many times while dealing with clients or Startups especially those who come under SME or MSME or those who are planning a new startup. Well if you are a businessman, trainer, marketer or in Sales or a freelancer this write up will definitely help you to go more deep and resolve the biggest Query “To Market or To Sell” and this is “The Biggest Hustle)

I Dedicate the Article to My Mentor or Guru in Marketing and Digital Marketing “Deepak Kanakraju, because of his internship program and teaching, I am doing something which I used to think about that someday I will start but never ever started. Thanks Deep Guru Deepak Kanakraju for this fire.

I mentioned “Marketing and Digital Marketing” well because people think Traditional marketing is dead or of no use in this era of Digital Marketing, but let me clear this confusion. Traditional and Digital Marketing are the part of the term “Marketing” both are equally important and we can’t ignore any one. But yes it depends on the product and economics of business specially when you are just starting up.

  • Why to Market?
  • Where to Market?
  • When to Market?
  • Whom to Target?
  • How to Market
  • Or To Market 1st or to Sell?

Well above questions look very basic but it is not so, if I will ask you answer all the questions in one go take a pen and notebook and start writing your answers. You can try, maybe you can do it. I don’t know but I was not able to do so.

But I really love this 4W1H concept it push you to do research 1st and then work on the things so if I Start with the 1st one 

  1. Why to Market and Why not to sell 1st or Why to Sell and why not to market 1st?

I Believe in answering a Question with another Set of Questions and it is really worth it, you also can try this at home 😀


  • How much sale do you want?
  • As you want to sell it so according to you it may solve the problem of many but according to the customer will it solve?
  • how known is your product in the market and to how many people it is known or
  •  Is it really worth launching in the same market or do you really think before launching it in between the Target audience you will get enough sales which will give you profit after deducting all the expenses and interest on investment?
  • Is your product or service affordable in the TG market or is it valuable for them?

So many questions behind the one Why? Isn’t it.

Let’s break the chain of questions by answering one by one and arriving on the 1st conclusion

  1. Every businessman wants maximum sale for maximum profit, right? So to reach this maximum sale to gain maximum profit one need to reach maximum audience 1st but keep in mind the quality of Content. Content always comes 1st
  2. So You have a product to sell in market and of course it solves the problem that’s why you want it to sell and i really don’t have doubt in that. As every problem has one solution the same way every product or service is meant to be consumed if it is consumable in the right manner. Don’t you think to sell this product 1st you need to grab the “Attention” of TG. So as of now To market comes 1st so to market you need to create a valuable piece of Content 1st then after creating that content you need to push it to the audience through many different ways and then its quality will pull them again and to others also, right? Things are interlinked and once you push through paid ads and its quality pulls many new attention. So is it enough to grab attention once and then leave it? You need to build chain of attention through many different medium and consistency is the key here
  3. So you Published the Quality Content, Pushed it to the Research and Targeted audience and its quality and many different channels pulled attention again and again, don’t you think you build some trust in their mind which is really needed before any transaction. What you will prefer : Amul butter or Local Dairy butter which just opened a week ago? Why Amul? Because of Trust you are Transacting correct? 

So this is what we Call CATT (Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction) Funnel and you might get some insight before starting to sell. You need to market it well. 

Let me clear it more To market first or to Sell? Lets answer this question with another question.

You tell me will you transact with that local dairy vendor without the trust in his product and even he was unable to pull your attention as he never ever communicated with quality content. So tell me is it possible to reverse CATT to TTAC?

What is this CATT again and again which you are reading?

  • CATT is Marketing Funnel & Framework and it also sounds easy but it is deep which clears out one of the most asked questions by the MSME or SME or Startup to Market or to Sell. Most Important part of Funnel is “Niche”. And it should be clear that deep research is required to become a really successful and wealthy entrepreneur. Even formula starts with “Niche” only


(N- Niche, C- Content, A- Attention, T- Trust, T- Transaction)

We already had a conversation on this but with some other intention but the module was somewhere same but we will discuss it in more detail later. 

I Guess the above conversation has solved few of the question

  • To Market or To sell first
  • Why to Market?

Now, Let focus on How to Market, Where to Market and When to Market?

Here To Market I mean “Marketing”, So Marketing is really a very scientific term but with science creativity is also required, I feel so.

Again I will love to start with What is Marketing?

And after reaching the point to market or to sell, lets talk on some Basics and Fundamental of Marketing.

It is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large.

(Source: American Marketing Association)

Another Question to start the further discussion is when it should be started?

  • So Marketing starts before the product. A deep research is required about understanding the customer and their needs and the result of that research leads to a product which will sell in that market.
  • After a great research true success is also dependent on a Great product which will sell in future with the word of mouth publicity once it reaches the right audience through perfect marketing strategies. Product should always come first after research but before marketing. You really don’t need to spend millions on a brand ambassador if your product is great and once consumers accept it and enjoy it. They will become your organic, true and Real brand ambassador 
  • So the Research part starts before the product and research is the part of Marketing, hence it starts before the product only.

So How to Start, where to do or which mediums one should choose?

All the above questions are interrelated but it can be framed in much better way to reach the conclusion

Which Medium one should choose “Traditional or Digital” or both and which one to start first and then comes how to start and when to start? I guess this makes more sense.

Many times I used to feel personally and also heard from too many people “Digital Marketing is economical and Traditional Marketing is dying slowly” but after studying it more deeply I found “Time is True King” and “It should be based on product type, size, features and mass”.

Due to this Pandemic I saw people around me due to fear of a virus called their newspaper vendor to stop sending newspapers for sometime and at the same time due to lockdown people were free at home in fear and the Government also started Ramayan on DD National and people were so engaged with TV. So what if I am getting space on the newspaper at a very economical rate is it really worth to invest in newspaper ads that time? Who really get benefited this pandemic was Amul as with Ramayan Amul again started Displaying it old ads to connect people more with the brand and it was truly successful campaign from Amul as people were also avoiding outside food but they can’t avoid their cravings for Pizza, Sandwiches, Paneer Dishes, Bakes and all these recipe require dairy product and “Amul” Connected its customer again with Nostalgic Ads. “Time is True King Here for Strategy” . In lockdown people were also spending their time on mobile phones so “Digital Marketing” also Boomed but at the same time hoardings were worthless.

“Marketing Medium is dependent on many such factors” but we will focus more on “Digital Marketing”

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is part of Marketing through which you can reach audience globally and you can select & target your crowd to whom you want to reach through many online methodes or medium. As you were searching for Marketing or Digital Marketing term on search engine or you reach here through my email or on social media you saw my ad where I was promoting this blog to generate traffic are the example of the methods same way you can reach your audience those who are interested in your subject, niche or product.

What are the different types of methods in digital Marketing?

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

So which method to start with is also a big question

All the above method are very vast like a ocean in itself but it can be combined in a unique way as Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Email marketing are very powerful and can give compounded growth over the period of time if we combine all of them in a unique way. This art is well known as Integrated Digital Marketing.

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

You Can get the bird eye view of the Integrated Digital Marketing in image above as designed by my Mentor Digital Deepak from

In Integrated Digital Marketing all the methods complements each other and give a snowball effect. To implement Integrated Digital marketing you should understand CATT Funnel both are very much interlinked.

Content: It is the base for all, good quality content educate your audience effectively, engage them and helps to build brand and the trust. It educates about your industry and niche. This can be anywhere on Social Media, Youtube or Blog

Social Media : Social Media Like FB, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest have Billion of active user you can park and promote your content through paid social media advertising. Conversion might be low if not implemented properly but if used in proper manner then result will be much better in comparison of other channel

SEO: Search engine optimization can be considered as a organic way of getting result but if done with proper planning and proper keyword with quality content and consistency your website have good chances to rank in top 5 of google searches. On an average google process 40000 queries per second or 3 to 4 billion searches per day, so you can estimate results if implemented properly

SEM: Search Engine Marketing is also one of the best way of getting great leads or results through paid advert. PPC is a type of SEM where you bid for the keyword for your product and if some customer is searching for solution through keywords for which you bid for than ad will be displayed to him and he can click view and buy. But now a days it is quite expensive

Email: Trough paid ads on different channel you can build your own email list and after building good email data you can shoot emails to subscribers and grab their attention.

Through Integrated digital marketing method and using CATT funnel in a proper way where each channel from above complement really well each other success ratio will be much better and higher. You can market content on your blog through SEO or Social media by paid ads also and if user is interested after viewing your content he will subscribe your news letter or give his own lead in way of email. Than you can grab attention and also build trust through email marketing and after generating trust they will be open for the transaction.

Do let me know your views on the complete article in comment below and if somewhere I was able to solve any of your query and you liked the content can share it on your social media channel. This will help me to motivate more to keep posting such article about Marketing and Digital Marketing

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